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Liz Bailey R.G.N M.A.R is currenlty based at our Halstead clinic on a Wednesday.

As a former nurse, Liz believes a philosophy for life is to be kind to yourself and aim for a balanced work/relaxation lifestyle. Reflexology may well help to achieve this.


Reflexology is an ancient art, derived in Egypt and has been used in China for 5,000 years.

During a treatment, pressure is applied to specific areas on the feet, using a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers. It may help stimulate circulation, which in turn may improve oxygen reaching vital organs and thereby helping encourage the body's own natural healing processes. Reflexology may help relieve stress and tension and the treatment is generally very relaxing.


Treatment lasts for an hour and the cost is £28 with concessions for senior citizens £25 and Children (treatment time will be less, usually no more than half an hour) £15.

Treatments can be booked at reception or by calling the clinic on 01787 478789. If you wish to discuss your complaint with the reflexologist, please call 01787 477431.


Christine Charters-Young (MFHT, MCNHC)

Christine is a local mum of two who is passionate about using massage therapy and relaxation techniques, having found them to be really effective in helping her family, friends and clients to stay healthy. Christine is the founder of The Healing House, an award winning practice with a reputation for excellence specialising in:

• Massage, reflexology and Reiki

• Pregnancy and post-natal care

• Stress relief for teacher and parents

• Healthy schools and wellbeing at work


Whether you are seeking relief from pain, an energising pick me up or a chance to improve your work/life balance, she will endeavour to provide you with the perfect treatment. Each appointment is personally tailored to your needs so that you can be assured of the very best care.


Working from clinics in Suffolk and Essex, Christine has helped numerous men, women and children and is highly respected throughout East Anglia. A member of both the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

For more information, please see: www.thehealinghouse.co.uk


Michael Lister MSSCh MBcA is available at the Halstead clinic on a Tuesday afternoon/

evening for any foot related chiropody problems.


Please book at reception, or call the clinic on 01787 478789.


Luisa Arnold

Don't be fooled by its name: sports massage isn't just for athletes.There are so many benefits of massage; it can relieve pain, break down scar tissue, improve mobility, improve flexibility, prevent injury and is excellent for postural imbalances, pre/post events and general wear and tear of muscles.


Luisa qualified with the London School of Sports Massage and is skilled in both relaxing and sports massage. With over 17 years experience, Luisa offers deep warming massage that can be used to treat the whole body, creating warmth and length within the muscles, aiding healing, repair and rejuvenation. Luisa currently works at the Braintree clinic on Mondays and Fridays and late evening appointments are available upon request.


Letitia Cleary

Letitia recently joined our team at Halstead Physiotherapy Clinic, providing Sports Therapy and Massage in clinic every Saturday. She has experience in treating injuries from a wide range of sports including: rugby, semi-professional football, basketball and even frisbee. She has worked with the elderly and sedentary, providing massage and exercise therapy for those up to the age of 86. She is also currently the sports therapist for Braintree Rugby Club Senior and Academy sides.


She is qualified in ultrasound, remedial & sports massage therapy, other electrotherapeutical modalities and various taping & postural correction techniques. Letitia is a keen believer in maintaining an active lifestyle in order to ensure optimal functioning of the body and will coach you through your rehabilitation or strength & conditioning programs every step of the way. Letitia also has a strong belief in using massage as a way to relieve the tension caused by stress. A regular maintenance program of massage can significantly reduce stress and tension within the muscles.



Pilates is a low impact, body friendly, training system which focus on core strength and mobility.  Pilates can help with functional movements, balancing the body and general well being, and particularly beneficial during rehabilitation.  Other benefits include weight loss, muscle toning, improved posture and flexibility.


Who is Pilates for? Everyone, regardless of fitness level. For example, anyone wishing to improve their total fitness, posture and appearance, or professional sportspersons using advanced conditioning programmes to enhance performance. First time exercisers might find it a gentle introduction to exercise, whilst the keen sportsman may find it a useful cross-training method and a means to stay injury free. Its controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results, and is especially recommended for those with back problems.


We have Pilates classes available at all three clinics, each with a purpose built studio and friendly, expereinced instructors. A maximum group size of 10 ensures each person is able to receive individual instruction and get the most out of the classes.


For further information on class times and to book a place please contact the Halstead clinic on 01787 478789.

Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine. Fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.


The following symptoms can benefit from acupuncture:

• Pain

• Stiffness

• Muscle tightness

• Assists with healing

• Restores balance with the body e.g. anxiety, IBS and headaches

• Chronic back pain


We now provide acupuncture treatment at all three of our clinics, where our highly skilled physiotherapists are able to help relieve the pain and stiffness of many medical conditions.  

It can be used successfully as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your physiotherapy treatment. To book your appointment, or for further information, please contact us today.

Complementary Therapies

Here at the Chartered Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics we aim to provide you with the very best in physiotherapy and complementary treatments. We offer a wide range of therapies at all three of our clinics and you can find details of the treatments on offer and how to contact us below.


Michael Lister

Tel: 07974 256 747



Lyn Judge

Tel: 07983 411 785



Liz Bailey

Tel: 07736 402 463


Sports Massage:

Letitia Cleary

Tel: 07896145220





Theresa Banovic

Tel: 07970 721 757




Michelle & Paul




Sports Massage:

Luisa Arnold

Tel: 07749 965 775









Michelle & Paul




Mandy's Pilates

Tel  07933 271189




Christine Charters-Young

Tel: 07950 811296




Maggie Shanks

Tel: 07790 218681





The Foothealth Clinic

Tel: 01440 762760





Anne Blackwell

Counsellor/CBT Therapist

Tel: 07946 487351



Robert Harrington

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Tel: 07900 843329







Maggie Shanks

Yoga is a holistic practice working with physical movement (asana) co-ordinated with the breath, with focussed breathing practices (pranayama), focus and meditation. Classes vary from themes of balance to envigoration to calming, quietening and resting.


Maggie's focus is working with the individual which is an integral part of the class approach as well as student's personal practice.


Yoga Academy/British Wheel of Yoga/Yoga for Health/Yoga for people living with cancer/Yoga Therapist (2/14). Maggie currently practises yoga at our Haverhill clinic. Please call her directly on 07790 218681 or visit www.yogamode.co.uk for more information.





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