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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is an appointment?

All appointments begin promptly on time and are 30 minutes in duration.


Do I need to see my GP for a referral?

No a GP referral is not essential. We welcome self-financing patients without GP referral, however we do work closely with local GPs in order to provide the very best level of care.

However, if you wish to claim your physiotherapy from your health insurance, some insurers require a doctor's referral before you can be reimbursed.


How much do you charge? 

For further information on our fees, please feel free to contact us directly.


Can I go through my Health Insurance?

Yes, we are registered with all major Private Health Insurance Companies, however each health insurance policy is different so we advise patients to check with your insurers that you are eligible to claim for any physiotherapy treatment before you attend for treatment and that you are clear about any conditions that are in place.


How many sessions will I need?

This depends upon the nature of the problem as well as each individual. At the initial assessment, the physiotherapist will make a diagnosis and discuss with you proposed treatment plans. They will be able to offer advice and guidance on the number of treatments you may require.


Is there a particular physiotherapist I should see?

Each physiotherapist has an expansive knowledge of the human body and is able to treat a wide number of conditions, however should you feel more specialist treatment is required, you can find out more about our physiotherapists on Our Team page or contact one of our clinics to discuss this further.


What should I wear to my appointment?

Depending on the body part receiving treatment, you may be asked to remove clothing in order to help assess and treat you to the highest standard.


Can I bring a friend/relative with me?

You are welcome to be accompanied during treatment if you wish.

We ask that all children are accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration

of the appointment.


What if I can't make my appointment?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment. As a courtesy to our physiotherapists and other clients, we have a cancellation policy of

24 hours. Regrettably if you fail to attend your appointment, or cancel within the 24 hour notice period, a cancellation fee may be charged.


Do you offer home visits? 

Yes we are able to provide home visits if you are unable to travel to the clinic due to pain or immobility. Please discuss this with reception when booking.











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