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• Headaches

• Prolapsed disc

• Back pain

• Sciatica

• Stiff or painful neck

• Referred arm pain

• Arthritic pain

• Fractures

• Pain, swelling and stiffness


Joint problems:

Spinal problems:

Do you think you could benefit from physiotherapy treatment?

Sports injuries:

• Muscle

• Tendon

• Ligament strains including tennis elbow and sprained ankles

Chest complaints:

• Pneumonia

• Cystic fibrosis

• Bronchitis

• Asthma

Neurological conditions:

• Stroke/ CVA

• Parkinson's

• MS

• Head injury

All three clinics offer the same physiotherapy treatments. Contact our clinics in Braintree, Halstead and Haverhill for more information.

Patient information leaflets:

We have a range of leaflets available that provide further information on common symptoms and treatments (clicking on the link will open a PDF).


Neck pain

Shoulder pain


Recent injuries

Knee pain

Back pain

Private physiotherapy

Vestibular rehabilitation

Can you breathe? CHC - A4 Leaflet

Can you breathe? HVS - A4 Leaflet

Physiotherapy can play a vital part in pain relief. Our team of physiotherapists have the required expertise and knowledge to help you back on the road to recovery. Some people might not realise they could benefit from physiotherapy treatment, so if you suffer from any of the below, we can help free you of those aches and pains.


Vestibular rehabilitation:

Vestibular rehabilitation (VR) is effective in reducing dizziness and vertigo and associated

falls and improving quality of life in people with disorders involving balance mechanisms.